About Me

My first memories of getting the “photography bug” were watching friends in photo pits getting to photograph some my favourite bands and thinking “I’d fancy a go at that”. With absolutely no idea what I was doing I grabbed my first film camera and took the plunge. And here we are over ten years after I picked up that first camera, went to Brixton Academy to photograph Cradle of Filth, raced to Station Cameras in Reading armed with my film and came back 24 hours later with an envelope full of blank photos! A steep learning curve started then…

Over twelve years later, the learning has never stopped as I moved from film to digital to mirrorless and from standing outside Calumet in London at 2am waiting for their 24 hour development service to being hunched over a laptop in a press tent, sat at the side of a football pitch or in a hotel room at 2am tweaking every minute detail to capture that magical moment. From dark, dimly lit venues to some of the biggest stadiums and arenas in the country to photo studios to red carpets to press pens, I’ve also been lucky enough to share those spaces with the very same friends I was once watching from the sidelines.

During that time I’ve photographed most of my favourite bands, captured some truly unforgettable moments and made some lifelong friends along the way. Whether it’s standing in the rain on a red carpet, standing three feet from rock superstars like Kiss or Iron Maiden or looking down at your camera screen to see the exact moment David Beckham slotted home a free-kick at Old Trafford staring back at you, every photo job throws up another incredible memory. COVID might have put all that on hold for two years but as life returns to normal, the cameras have been dusted off and it almost feels like I’ve never been away.
Away from the camera / laptop, I spend a lot of time reading, watching terrible movies and contributing articles to two entertainment websites. I try and stay active on social media. The rest of the time is spent eating badly, occasional gym visits and trying to keep control of three kittens.

If you want to learn more head over to the contact page and drop me a line, would love to chat about why Nikon over Canon or why Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoy looking around my website.

Graham x

PS. Yes, that is the real Sooty!

Photo 1: Meeting children’s TV legend Sooty at Winter Wonderland

Photo 2: Backstage @ Download Festival – Photo by Enda Madden Photography

Photo 3: Waiting for GWAR at Bloodstock Festival – Photo by Frank Ralph Photography